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Why Own Your Own Home?


A home has historically been a hedge against inflation. When you have a mortgage with a fixed rate, you know what your payments will be. When you rent, your budget can take a hit when the rent increases.


Investment and Equity

When you make payments toward your house, you are purchasing a major possession, whereas when you pay rent, you own nothing. If you are fortunate to buy a home that increases in value, which they historically do, you will have equity that you can tap into to make improvements, create a college fund or use for emergencies.



You can make major improvements to your property and do with your home as you wish. If you move into a home with a pink tiled bathroom, you don't have to try to disguise it or work with what you have. Permanent improvements increase the value of your home and enhance the joy of living in something that's truly all your own.


Low Interest Rates

Compared to past decades, interest rates are at historic lows. The lower the interest rate, the more house you may be able to buy with a lower payment.


It's Your Land

When you own a home, you also own the property on which it sits. A garden or yard where you can relax, grill your dinner, plant roses or vegetables can be just as enjoyable as your abode.

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